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General Responsibilities

· Set-up bar display, wipe and dust all bottles;

· Make enough preparation for the day according to projections:

Prepares all garnishes Open bottles of wines that are sold by glass

Juices Beers Liquors Ice

· Prepares all necessary tools and other supplies such as glasses, stirrer, straw, napkins, ashtrays;

· Does inventory of items in the bar when needed;

· Receives all items transferred from storeroom to bar and safeguards lists;

· Have bar ready to serve 15 minutes before opening time and maintain cleanliness of the bar;

· Clean all juice containers; refill or replace whichever is necessary;

· Check fruits for all smoothies; clean containers as necessary;

· Organize coolers as all the stocks are delivered;

· Return items to proper storage;

· Check remaining stocks and refill stocks in preparation for tomorrow’s operation;

· Before leaving the station make sure that all cabinets and coolers are locked;

· Prepares the orders efficiently, following standard recipe;

· Coordinate closely with cocktail waiters for efficient serving of drinks;

· Refill the stock by using the FIFO (First In, First Out) method;

· Ensure ample stock of supplies especially glasses;

· Work productively;

· Maintain food safety and hygiene policies and procedures;

· Reports to the supervisor immediately any complaints encountered;

Requirement/Experience/ Knowledge:

· Experience of minimum 2 yrs;

· English and Spanish a must, multi-lingual a plus;

· Education: MAVO level;

· Must be able to work nights, weekends and some holidays;

· Understanding and knowledge of safety, sanitation and food handling procedure;

· Food handlers permit required (carchi berde).


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