Line Cook

General Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the preparation station and the kitchen is set up and stocked.

  • Prepare simple components of each dish on the menu by chopping vegetables, cutting meat, and preparing sauces.

  • Report to the head chef and follow instructions.

  • Make sure food preparation and storage areas meet our local health and safety standards.

  • Clean your prep area and take care of leftovers.

  • Stock your inventory and supplies.

  • Cook menu items with the support of the kitchen staff.


  • Must have culinary experience of minimum 2 years.

  • Education: EPB diploma and above.

  • Food handlers permit required (carchi berde).

  • Must be able to work nights, weekend and some holidays.

  • Professional communication skills are required.

  • Ability to take direction.

  • Ability to work in a team environment.

  • Ability to work calmly and effectively under pressure.

  • Must have problem solving abilities, be self-motivated and organized.

  • Commitment to quality service, and food and beverage knowledge.

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