Est. 1984

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A family owned company successful since 1984 and over 35 years experience
operating thriving restaurants on Aruba, Giannis Group has the highest
reputation for their service on both the local and tourism sector.
Our Mission at Gianni’s Group is to Celebrate Life, and its opportunities, with
our Families and our Customers, this pursuit of happiness gives us our daily
ambition to create, innovate, and serve our local and international customers,
by assuring the best Experience. Constantly adapting on a fast changing world
and still always striving to share our Wisdom & Knowledge.
With Respect, Honesty, and Integrity we make our firm steps
into maintaining our Reputation.


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To embrace diversity at Giannis Group, everyone’s culture is sustained.

We do this by practicing respect and inclusion.

It is of utmost importance that everyone feels welcomed to our safe

and healthy work environment where positivity, open communication,

and growth mindsets are nurtured and set the stage for our future generations.

Daniele Ferrara



Daniele Ferrara Chief Executive Officer Aruba

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Gianni Ferrara Chief Operating Officer Aruba

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Lara Ferrara Brand Consultant Aruba

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Kirti Daryanani Deputy Chief Officer Aruba / UK

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Mauricio Ferrara Chief Supply Chain Officer Italy

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Jelena Wijenberg Head of Finance Latvia

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Dionisio Garcia Head of Property Development Spain

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Melissa Lacle Head Of Accounting Aruba

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Diana Uribe Head of Human Resources Colombia

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Leila Pocorni Head of Sales & Marketing Netherlands

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Our mission at Gianni’s Group is to celebrate life, and its opportunities with our families

and our customers.

This pursuit of happiness gives us our daily ambition to create, innovate and serve our local and international customers, by assuring the best experience.

We constantly adapt to a fast changing world, and always strive to share our wisdom & knowledge. With respect, honesty and integrity we make our firm steps into maintaining our reputation.


We serve our peers and our
guests with compassion and humbleness.

We practice respect by embracing diversity and by sustaining everyone’s culture. 

We continuously nurture a healthy and happy work environment for everyone.

We show appreciation to and are thankful for everyone
around us.

We lead by example; we are accountable, take ownership.

We embody trust and open communication and allow employees to feel they're working in a safe environment.



2021 GOALS

In 2019, we declared a set of goals and commitments to reduce our environmental footprint across climate, water and waste. Since then our business has continued to grow, while our teams have developed smarter, more efficient ways to operate. As well slowly shifting into full recycled packaging.


Reducing our carbon emissions, shifting to solar energy, electric vehicles for delivery services and striving for circular solutions are just the beginning. In 2020, we took a hard look and refocused our energy toward 2025, with a new set of goals and an embrace of new practices intended not just to reduce our footprint and conserve precious resources, but to help restore the world, ultimately leaving it better than we found it.

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