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Updated: Feb 16

General Responsibilities (Before Operations):

  • Ensure the proper set up in all areas of the restaurant: check that all tables are stable and do not wobble and position all items at the center of tables according to your establishment’s procedures.

  • Put the trash away.

  • Wipe the chairs and be sure they are clean and set at an appropriate distance from the tables.

  • Prepare the waiter station: supply the station with cutlery, napkins, ashtrays, parmesan cheese, 2 pitchers of water, sugar, clean and full salt & pepper shakers.

General Responsibilities (During Operations):

  • Greet customers in a professional manner, introduce yourself and offer Panna water or San Pellegrino (always try to sell it before offering tap water).

  • Serve bread and take the drinks order, repeat full order to make sure no mistakes were made and ensure the drinks are delivered promptly to the table.

  • Assist the waiter/waitress in pouring water or wine, remember: always ladies first.

  • If needed, assist the waiter/waitress in carrying food to the table and resetting table.

  • Clear dishes from tables and other necessary areas to ensure a high standard of table maintenance.

  • Ensure the kitchen knows when the table is dome with the appetizer.

  • Have accurate stock of needed items, like extra plates or napkins, at all times during business hours.

  • Keep a very orderly work station during business hours.

  • Report all special request and guest complains to the waiter/waitress, regardless how small you think they are.

  • Attend the guest during their entire dining experience.

  • For entire removal of all items, always clear a table with a tray.

  • Never put your fingers inside of glasses, used or clean.

  • Present the dessert menus, explain them if necessary and take order. Always offer special coffees while they wait. Ensure quality and accuracy.


  • Must have experience of minimum 1 year.

  • English and Spanish a must; multilingual a plus.

  • Education: MAVO level.

  • Must be able to work nights, weekends and some holidays.

  • Food handlers permit required (carchi berde).

  • Understanding and knowledge of safety, sanitation and food handling procedure.

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